Food for Your Pet Lobster

Lobsters will actually eat just about anything, including leftover fish food and anything that dies in your tank. However to keep your lobster in top shape, you should try giving it a nutritious diet.

Your lobster’s nutrition requirements are not complicated. A lobster is an omnivore and will need a little bit of protein and some of the nutrients found in water plants. Lobsters don’t need any fat in their diets at all, although they will get a bit from animal protein sources.

Lobsters, in the wild, scavenge for their food and take whatever they can find from plants, small living animals and larger animals that they find dead. They will very happily eat rotting vegetation and rotting animal flesh.

Pet Store Food

Pet stores will be happy to sell you pellets that are made especially for lobsters. If your lobster seems to like them, then this is a convenient and useful way to feed it. You can also buy shrimp pellets that are sold for some fish. Lobsters seem to enjoy eating shrimp and can be a given a couple of pellets each day.

Many lobsters, especially small ones, can live happily on flakes meant for fish. Observe your lobster to see which kind of food it likes best.

Fresh Food

Lobsters will also enjoy eating all kinds of vegetables, although this should not be their only food. Your best bet for success would be giving your lobster some lettuce. Shred up the pieces so they are nice and small, particularly if you have a small lobster. Try water lettuce, water hyacinth, water cress and romaine lettuce. Your lobster may also enjoy a treat of frozen peas, frozen zucchini or frozen carrots.

Vegetables should be the only human food you give your lobster. Do not feed your lobster scraps from your own dinner if you want your lobster to be healthy and happy.