About Alma Moore

Hello. My name is Alma Moore, and I have kept aquarium fish for many years. My adventure in keeping an aquarium began when I inherited a large home that included a 100 gallon fish tank from a dear aunt who passed away. At the time I didn’t know anything about keeping fish, but I did want to keep my beloved aunt’s pets healthy and alive. So I took the tank, and from then on I have been an enthusiastic aquarium keeper myself.

I still have that original tank in my home, but now I have several others as well. I keep freshwater fish, saltwater fish and even coral reef fish.

I also enjoy adding interest to my tanks with specialty creatures like crayfish, lobsters, crabs and shrimp.

Many people believe that keeping an aquarium is as simple as buying some fish and then watching them swim. This is not the case. A healthy aquarium needs a lot of work if it is going to be the perfect home for our water loving friends. You will find that if you put in the effort to research the animals you are going to buy and then create an environment that is just right for them, you will get hours of enjoyment and the satisfaction of having beautiful pets to keep.