3 Natural Ways To Relieve Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

When a dog has dry, itchy skin, it may continuously scratch itself to try to relieve the problem. As a pet owner, this can be extremely annoying, but what can you really do about it? Well, there are things you can do that may help relieve your dog’s dry, itchy skin. Here are three natural options you could try for treating itching that is caused by allergies.

1. Provide your dog with a Vitamin E supplement daily

The first option you could try is Vitamin E, which is an important nutrient for your dog for many reasons. Giving a dog Vitamin E supplements each day can help relieve the itchy skin it has; however, it may take some time to see the results of this. Vitamin E improves the condition of a dog’s skin and fur and is capable of reducing inflammation , which is a common cause and effect of itchy skin. Small dogs can take up to 400 international units (IU) per day of Vitamin E, while larger dogs can take up to 800 IU per day.

Give it an Epsom salt bath

Bathing your dog in a bath that contains 1/2 cup Epsom salt per gallon of water can also be an effective way to treat itchiness in dogs. Epsom salt soothes and cleanses the skin, and it can provide temporary relief for itchiness. You could also bathe your dog in an oatmeal bath, as this ingredient also offers relief for itchy skin.

Spray apple cider vinegar on the dog’s fur

Finally, you could try to help relieve the itching by spraying apple cider vinegar on your dog. Not only can this help relieve itching, but it may also prevent mosquitos and bugs from coming near your dog. Apple cider vinegar is a natural product that is extremely powerful. It can kill bacteria and balance out the pH levels on the skin, and it can soothe dryness on the skin.

To use this, mix equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Hold your dog still and spray this mixture on its skin. Avoid getting the mixture in its eyes, though, as this may burn.

If you use all three of these natural methods, you might be able to help your dog find relief from its itchy skin. If these methods do not help, you may want to take your dog to a veterinarian to find out what other options you have. To learn more, contact a veterinarian like Midtown Veterinary Clinic .