Four Reasons Why Your Dog Is Sneezing

When you sneeze, you know this is a sign that there is an allergen present or that the symptoms of a cold virus are starting to surface. When your dog sneezes, particularly repeatedly, this can mean a number of things. If your dog has been sneezing a lot lately, it’s important to take a closer look to ensure your dog is healthy and not experiencing any serious underlying condition.


Dogs are naturally inquisitive creates that use their noses to explore. This is especially the case when it comes to puppies. Whether it’s a unique looking bush outside or the carpet powder you use to keep your carpet refreshed, when some dogs sniff these objects they can serve as an irritant. Generally, sneezing caused from an irritant will be short-lived. Once the animal is removed from the object, sneezing should go away.

Airway Obstruction

An airway obstruction can occur for a number of reasons, including polyps, cancer growth or a trapped object within the upper airways. When these factors occur, this causes an irritation within the nasal passages that causes the body to naturally, sneeze. For breeds such as bulldogs, airway obstruction comes in the form of a condition known as brachycephalic syndrome , a condition in which the soft palate may droop or be elongated. An airway obstruction should be evaluated by a veterinarian.


Although allergies aren’t as common in dogs as they are in humans, they do exist. When a dog is exposed to an allergen, this causes their immune system to react, leading to sneezing. Compared to other causes, it’s somewhat easy to tell that an allergen is the cause for a sneezing spell because there will be other symptoms, such as increased scratching, runny eyes and constant licking. Cigarette smoke, dust, mold spores and insecticidal shampoo are just some of the known dog allergies.

Infectious Disease

Serious conditions like infectious diseases can also cause a dog to sneeze often. Typically, any disease that impacts the dog’s upper respiratory system can cause this problem. Some common diseases include the distemper virus and kennel cough. An animal suffering from this type of condition may also display signs of lethargy. Infectious diseases have the potential to cause serious health risks for animals. If you suspect your dog is suffering from a disease, prompt medical attention is important.

Keeping a dog healthy begins with the owner’s actions. If your dog has been sneezing regularly, make certain you are investigating the matter. Contact a local vet, such as Montgomery Animal Hospital , for more help.